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Our why

Our work is grounded in the principles of belonging and connectedness. Whether we are facilitating a leadership workshop or staff retreat - we design for belonging. And that begins well before the event begins. We are expert facilitators with a unique skill set that extends across a diverse range of topics. From leadership and team dynamics to specialized industry themes, we design experiences that not only impart knowledge but, more importantly, foster a profound sense of connectedness and belonging. Our facilitation approach is grounded in the belief that a cohesive team is built on shared experiences, making us adept at tailoring sessions to create an environment where every participant feels seen, heard, and valued.

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About Us

Finding inspiration in each other

The Teams Rising team is composed of staff, collaborators, and volunteers who each bring unique professional expertise and lived experiences to the table. We want each other to be the best at the things we are best at - to run in our lanes - and to support each other as we bring our all to achieve the vision of Teams Rising.

Our team, collaborators, & volunteers

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