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Jesse Owens Memorial at Ohio Stadium
Teams Rising

Culturally relevant wellness programming for teams.


our why

Mental wellness is not a static state - it's constantly in motion - yet our culture is not adept at talking about it let alone nurturing it. Moreover, there is a void in representation in the mental wellness space. This void coupled with cultural and personal barriers such as stigma, judgment, and shame contribute to under-utilization of mental health resources.

The vision of Teams Rising is to create team cultures where mental health equity is the norm - that they are places where everyone has a fair and just opportunity to reach their highest level of mental wellness and emotional well-being. Teams Rising makes wellness more accessible by (1) improving mental wellness literacy, (2) breaking down cultural barriers like stigma, judgment, and shame; and (3) improving the likelihood that teams will connect with mental health supports available to them.

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Teams Rising at Michigan State University
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